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Computer-based Tests Delivery in EU Staff Selection Process
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European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO)
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Tender Specifications part 2: Technical specifications 2.1. LOT 1: 2.1.2. Testing organisation and planning
- During an average year of EPSO testing: How many testing events/windows are there? What is the average number of candidates per event/window. What is the volume / level of ‘continuous testing’, if any? Is there ever rotation of test forms/content required during a live testing window? How many and how often? For example: every day a different form? How is this managed? - For testing during weekends/evenings: What percentage of the number of tests is expected to happen during a. evenings and during b. weekends? What is the percentage of candidates testing outside EU time zones, if any? - How is personal data expected to be treated outside EU / EEA borders? - Re (re-)scheduling: Does EPSO have expected turnaround times for resolving technical issues? Do re-schedules need to happen during the fixed testing window? - Re booking candidates from a roster: What is the volume and frequency of events that require such bookings and for which types of tests? - Re scheduling and testing windows overlapping: Does this mean that the final appointment capacity required for the number of candidates ‘day by day’ will not be known by the time the testing window opens and that the contractor will need to make provision for an ‘unknown’ number of potential additional appointments? - Re ‘comprehensive records’ per testing period: Can the EPSO confirm what is the level of detail of the records/logs that EPSO requires for the various types of incidents described? - May the testing sessions of candidates be video recorded and what are EPSO's expectations regarding who may have access to the recordings? May these be accessed by contractor staff outside the EU/EEA?
-70 -In some testing events we test 20.000 cdts and in other we test 200 cdts. This depends largely on the moment of testing within the selection process. -Continuous testing has only been introduced for anonymous testing. For proctored tests, continuous testing has not yet been introduced and EPSO did not yet plan when exactly this will be implemented. -Depending on the type of test EPSO may require that different test forms are delivered per (half)day. EPSO provides to the contractor the matrix of test forms to be used and delivered per (half)day. -Proctored testing events during evenings and weekends are required only on exceptional basis. The anonymous tests (unproctored) are delivered 24/7. -Less than 5% on average. However, for certain competitions this percentage is higher. -The conditions set by Regulation (EU) No 2018/1725 must be fulfilled at all times. See also -In case of technical issues during testing, a remedial action is to be taken immediately and at the latest the next working day. The re-scheduling has to be done during the same testing window. -Maximum 1x / year with less than 200 candidates per testing event. -Yes this is what it means. When 2 or more testing events overlap, the contractor needs to make sure that there is enough capacity to deliver all relevant tests. The contractor also needs to have enough additional capacity to 1/ re-schedule candidates in case of technical issues and 2/ test candidates that required rescheduling due to personal exceptional circumstances. -Please read section 3.1. -The sessions may be video recorded. If recorded, contractor staff (inside or outside EU area) may access them provided it is in line with the EU data protection rules