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Supply, installation and maintenance of 2 battery storage systems - 2 lots.
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European Commission, Joint Research Centre (JRC)
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Question details
Consortium - Request for clarification - "Supply, installation and maintenance of 2 battery storage systems" — 2 lots CFTW Code: JRC/IPR/2015/F.3/0042/OC
With reference to the procurement procedure in question, we would like to have clarification on the definition of "consortium". Can we participate in "temporary grouping of companies", as interpreted and governed by art. 37 Of D. Lgs 163/2006?
Economic operators can submit a tender either as a sole tenderer or as partners in a consortium (with or without legal personality), including in a form regulated by Italian legislation. Please note that if the consortium's tender is successful each partner in a consortium shall assume joint and several liability towards the contracting authority for implementation of the contract and will become a party to the contract. Please consider the provisions of the Contract Notice and to the article I.9.1 in the draft contract.