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European Investment Bank (EIB)
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Eligibility criteria and requested references - technical capacity of the tender.
Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing in the name of our consortium and in regard of the technical capacity of the tender, that are specified in the 'Instructions to tenderer' page 13. In the documents it is specified, that candidate should provide references with the minimum contract value 500 000 Euros for preparing SUMP/transport projects in the region, that were held in the cities with more than 250 000 inhabitants and/or were financed by EU grants/international financing organizations. The requirements for the references are very specific and we would like to ask, whether these listed criterias should be met by 100% or the candidate can still be considered as eligable, if criteria for a reference project a, b or c are not fully met throughout one project, but rather presented as a set of projects to show the technical capacity. For example, submitting several projects, that were implemented in the region, but with the slightly smaller contract value,; submitting projects that had a requested contract value, but were prepared in the other world regions. In this case our approach is to confirm the requested technical expertise, but throughout a set of project with similar guidelines and deliverables. We would highly appreciate your elaborations on this matter and eligibility criteria and we look forward to hear from you soon. In case you would like to have any more clarifications, feel free to contact us.
Candidates must fully meet the selection criteria. Project (service contract) presented as reference for Technical capacity criteria 3 (a) and/or 3 (b) and/or 3 (c) must consist of a single contract (and addenda). A single reference may be used to fulfil one or more criteria.